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Request - Menu page pictures and background. No.70732
JeanPaulo  Mail /  )  2017-05-22 21:37:22 ( ID:jeltb9zrij. )  

Follows my first post:

I frequently use clips from TNT, where the most frequent for a 4/3 (standard) movie is to be inserted into a 16/9 frame, with lateral black bands.

Depending on the subject, I capture some images, and edit them to use as background for the menu pages.

Of course, I can create a picture in a 16/9 format, with or without bands.

But when I do have a good 4/3 image, if I paste it in the menu, I get WHITE bands instead on black. (This is very ugly on the TV)

There does not seems to be a way to change this ?

(I mailed those subjects to Support too)

Thanks for Help

phylbert  2017-05-24 16:51:53 ( ID:9lkhh.bmoo2 )  

Hi JeanPaulo,

My usual work-around is to use the 4:3 image as an extra image on the page, rather than making it the actual background, and using a fully black image as the background itself...

1) Select any one of the standard 16:9 backgrounds, and from the "Effects for Background" tab, switch on the "Color and Pattern" option, select a black "Color/Pattern", and slide the "Opacity" control to 100%.

2) Add the 4:3 image you want to use, with the "Adds a picture or video menu item" button in the toolbar on the "Page Edit" tab. Double-click this image to open the "Menu Item Edit" dialog, and make sure that "Keep Aspect Ratio" is selected in the "Display Settings" panel, and the scaling is 100%.
Select "OK" to close the dialog.

3) Back on the menu page, select the 4:3 image, and drag the top and bottom edges out to the borders of the page. You will then have a 4:3 image, but the rest of the page will show the black background :)

JeanPaulo  Mail /  )  2017-05-25 14:15:30 ( ID:jeltb9zrij. )  

Hi, phylbert

Thanks for this good idea.

I tried it, and unless I missed something, I get a good image page, but all the other items for the menu are hidden by the picture. (transparency is not very nice either)

However, I find it simpler (as the capture is a .bmp that I usually convert to .jpg) to just add the necessary black band in the Photo program (like Paint Shop Pro). The only difficulty is to get the right 16/9 extension for the picture.

tkrave  2017-06-07 13:30:27 ( ID:t7rw5rdz3jm )  

You can change the layer order of menu items just like in Photoshop or other image programs; that way, your image can be below the other items in the page.

In the Menu stage, look at the left side of the screen for the list of menu items. Select your image in the list and then drag and drop it higher up on the list in order to make the image appear underneath other menu items.

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