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Bug report - Subtitles layout headache No.70734
JeanPaulo  Mail /  )  2017-05-22 21:57:41 ( ID:jeltb9zrij. )  

I found a serious problem in V6 (and a lesser one).

First, the lesser one: When you edit subtitles, there is a frame that allow you to position the subtitle higher or lower on the screen.
This is wery useful for a 16/9 'Cinemascope' movie with black bands.

However, this can only be made ligne by ligne, and quite impossible for a movie with 1400 titles!

Second a very troubling problem. When you edit the titles you frequently load them several times (after outer corrections)

Then a message says that you can load them (.srt), but you may loose the layout. If Not, you just have done nothing.

But if you say 'yes', you LOOSE completely the layout, even if you set one as default for the whole usage, and return to a non descript large font covering a 1/3 of the frame.

You must restart again the layout défintion...

JeanPaulo  Mail /  )  2017-05-25 21:10:48 ( ID:jeltb9zrij. )  

I just received a message from support that gives the solution to the first problem: How to change the position of all subs at once.

>if you want to change the position of all subtitles at once, try this:
- in Subtitle edit > import your subtitles
- in Edit menu > choose Edit layout >
Subtitle position: choose the position and the setting should be applied
to all subtitles. <

In fact, I have to use the option "x% from picture border" (second line of the menu 'center', bottom'...), and then it will put the subtitles in a better position for all titles.

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