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Request - Subtitles cutting more difficult No.70733
JeanPaulo  Mail /  )  2017-05-22 21:48:11 ( ID:jeltb9zrij. )  

I am used to the creation of text (.srt) subtitles from .ts sources, as it is easier to get them as 'default' or 'Optionnal' in the menus.

In V3, there was only .srt support, so there si a great improvment in V5/V6.

However, the subtitles are now 'Cut' as well as the clip and sound. This is fine when you start from a full .ts flow.

But I just tried to repair a clip that had a 1 minute completely corrupt flow in the middle. So the Sound and the subtitles were severely out of sync (30 seconds).

I tried to cut the movie, + presentation, in 4 different clips. The automatic cutting was a nightmare to compute where to cut the .srt files et get them at the right place.

The sound was easier to set in the last clip with the 'audio' options. (the bad one is just garbage...)

An option to 'not change the layout' when reading a .srt file would be very useful, with a straight timeline from 00 instead of whatever WAS there before.

(a second reason is the subject of my next bug report)

JeanPaulo  Mail /  )  2017-05-25 13:54:58 ( ID:jeltb9zrij. )  

I'd like to clarify my text:

There are two different situations:

1) The subtitles are included in the source clip, or are added BEFORE any cutting. In that case, it is normal that they are edited along with the audio and pictures.
(that was not possible in V3)

2) The subtitles are added AFTER the editing. That would be the case is they are imported for a full movie, sometimes with a different frequency (24, 25, 30 I/s).

In that case, they should NOT be 'retimed', but the start time should be kept as the 00 for the current clip. Even as there is now a 'shift' function, the value to use may be difficult to find. If there are several cuts (ads) it may be just a headache to do it.

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