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Question - Cannot have more than one track on a screen No.70728
pepegot1  Mail /  )  2017-05-21 06:27:47 ( ID:gqxvqgsafth )  

I cannot produce a screen that contains several tracks, on thumbnails, that when clicked can go to the underlying chapters. Instead,I get a single screen that I must toggle through to get the next screen containing the next track to click on. This is not good. A single or multiple set of screens containing many tracks should be easy to create and from which clicking yields the underlying chapters. Maybe I am ignorant of the method, if it exists but, it certainly is not obvious as it should be.

pepegot1  Mail /  )  2017-05-22 00:20:02 ( ID:gqxvqgsafth )  

I got solution. Everything is OK.

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