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Bug report - Error Code 0x80048002 No.70725
Carlyle Zamith  Mail / Home )  2017-05-20 06:37:46 ( ID:brv4b9ljnsl )  

In Start Output, at end , occors:

Invalid Sample Format Error Code 0x80048002

JeanPaulo  Mail /  )  2017-05-23 20:53:29 ( ID:jeltb9zrij. )  

You don't say what your source is. If it is .TS, I get the same message in different programs, like 'Smart cutter'. It always occurs when there is a bad paquet (transmission error). The only solution is to find where the error is (where the output stopped), and cut some frames just before and as much as necessary.

Most time, the result cut is invisible.

It can probably be the same with other sources. Most players (like VLC) may fail also, or just ignore the incident.

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