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Question - Important Missing Features in TAW6 No.70710
Tom Lewandowski  Mail /  )  2017-05-12 07:09:55 ( ID:.t38jdbdulr )  

After familiarizing myself with the TAW6 ‘demo’, I’m unable to find two key features, which were missing in v5, and seem to also be missing in v6. Though, I haven’t ruled out my inability to locate these two features and I thought I’d check to see if anyone could help me locate them:

1. The ability to Copy and Paste USER DEFINED custom menu items, from one menu, to another. The “Copy” menu layout appears to still be limited to program item copy; not user images and text additions that have been added to a menu.

2. The ability to RETURN TO TRACK MENU as an end function after playing a clip (chapter) in BD Authoring mode.

After installing the TAW6 Demo, TAW5 would no longer load and errors with an “AppHang81" message. This policy of being allowed to use only ONE version of software you've already paid for is ludicrous! It's like owning two cars and only being able to drive one or the other. In any event, simply checking out this v6 DEMO requires a reinstall of previous versions of TAW, should you decide to not want TAW 6.

I haven’t noticed a significant difference, if any, in speed; the 32-bit TAW5 performed very quickly on my Intel i7/16 GB RAM/8GB VRAM system with Intel SDK encoding. Editing has always seemed to function quite well.

The new "Win10" look is more difficult for someone, like me (who has poor vision), to quickly locate things. Since I do a lot of multiple audio and subtitle tracks editing, I find the new "extra" menus to do these things to be a hassle.

phylbert  2017-05-13 18:36:54 ( ID:9lkhh.bmoo2 )  

Hi Tom, with regard to (1) above, do you simply mean copying and pasting free-form text and images you've created yourself?
I had no problem using Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to copy and paste between multiple pages of the same menu. The operations are also available on the pop-up menu when you right-click the mouse on a menu page, as "Copy User Added Item" and "Paste User Added Item".
I then opened a different project, and again had no problem pasting the same items into it. They even get pasted in the same position on the page, which is nice.

My install of TAW5 ( still works just fine after installing the TAW6 demo. I've even had both open at once.

Agree with you about speed; I haven't seen a noticeable difference, though admittedly I'm running an 8-core beast of a machine, and my K-Lite codec pack offloads the decoding work to the GPU, whether TAW6 requests it or not.
The CPU usage is a fair bit lower, so I guess machines with lower specs might see performance improvements.

Tom Lewandowski  Mail / Home )  2017-05-19 16:39:46 ( ID:.t38jdbdulr )  

Thanks, Phylbert -- I'll search again for "copy user added item". I don't know how I've missed it; I've right-clicked everywhere I could think of, trying to find this option -- and I didn't think of simply using CTRL-C/V.

I wonder if by not choosing the default install locations for TAW 5/6 may have something to do with why the v6 demo wiped out my v5 install. A file from TAW5 was missing/deleted after installing the TAW6 demo. The retail version of TAW6 does allow for both version to run, simultaneously, for an additional $20.00.

Most of my BD authoring consists of episodic compilations -- television series, and so forth. I haven't been able to find a way to create menus that contain multiple clips (episodes), that allow the option to return to the track menu after a clip plays. To compensate, I've been using TAW for track and clip editing, and other software, which DOES allow return-to-menu after a clip plays, to master BD's.

phylbert  2017-05-24 18:50:09 ( ID:9lkhh.bmoo2 )  

That's odd.... I routinely create multi-episode DVDs and BDs of my favourite TV shows, and I usually hide the "Play All" button in favour of a return-to-menu design.

If you're creating the menu from scratch, the menu wizard has the options to select both what happens when you insert the disc, and what happens when a track finishes. I've always set both to "Return to Top Menu", and it's always worked for me.

In the left panel on the "Menu Screen", there's also a "Blu-ray Global Settings" button that lets you set the actions on disc insertion, track end, and menu button during playback. You can use these to play with an existing menu without using the wizard to start over.

Tom Lewandowski  Mail /  )  2017-05-29 00:21:37 ( ID:.t38jdbdulr )  

I have no problems with END TRACK ACTIONS -- it's the END CLIP ACTION I want to control. The DVD Authoring tools include an END CLIP ACTION, but that's not available with BD Authoring tools.

If I want to put each episode on a separate Track, that wouldn't be a problem. But I would like a TOP menu (such as a MAIN MENU), which then leads to separate sub-menus for, 1. EPISODES, 2. FEATURES, 3. SUBTITLES. Like the structure of most commercial DVD's. I can do this with authoring software like, NERO VIDEO. What I've been doing is using TAW to combine multiple audio and subtitle streams to my videos and create a similar BD structure as I use in NERO VIDEO. After I've created the BD files in both TAW and NERO, I copy the STREAM, PLAYLIST, META/DL, and CLIPINF directories from the TAW BD layout, to the NERO BD layout.

Everything works fine, except there's no on-disc subtitle and audio language support (and must be selected from the remote control.) TAW has much nicer and expanded options than NERO, so I'd rather simply use TAW for everything...but can't find a way to duplicate END OF CLIP (Episode) functions.

Using TAW and creating separate tracks for each episode requires a separate subtitle, audio and CLIP page for each episode, instead of a single menu to change audio and;or subtitles for all clips at a DVD layout.

Tom Lewandowski  Mail /  )  2017-06-02 17:16:58 ( )  

I now see how it's possible to highlight all user-added items on a Track Page layout, and copy/paste them to another Track Page. Why this isn't part of the existing "copy track page layout to another page" feature is beyond me.

In any event, it makes creating eposodic BD's somewhat easier. I've been working on creating COMMUNITY TV show BD's, with 8 episodes per disc. Each episode contains two audio tracks and two subtitle tracks, therefore, eight tracks are needed for just the episodes. Unfortunately, this 'copy layout items' feature only works on track pages, not subtitle or audio pages; it's still a pain in the butt to duplicate each of the 8 customizable subtitle/audio pages from scratch. So, I've decided to continue creating the layout as I did with TAW5; placing all eight episodes on one track.

I haven't tried using one of the dynamic frame options yet, which used to stop the background music from playing when another page item is selected.

The TEXT editing options have improved drastically! The nomenclature for some of the text styles is a bit strange, but I have to keep reminding myself that TAW isn't an Adobe product. The advanced highlighting feature is also very nice.

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