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Question - Change Menu Requires Complete Re-render? No.70698
hurricane51  2017-04-29 16:36:44 ( ID:wvlp3krcken )  

I have a project with 5 HD video tracks. All I changed was the menu duration and deleted the Play All button. I made no chenges in source material at all. I assumed that it wouldn't require re-rendering on the complete project, but that's what happened.

My question is why? Surely the menu is kept separate from the rest of the content.

Now I'm looking at a 12-hour render, and that's with an i7-6700K cpu (4 Ghz).

tkrave  2017-05-19 13:23:40 ( ID:t7rw5rdz3jm )  

When you output, it creates the entire project from scratch, so if your videos were fully rendered the first time, they will be fully rendered every time you want to output the project again.

What you could do, is create a new project and import the videos from your first output. Since they would be compliant, they should "smart render" and not take long to output. You'd also have to save your menu as a template, so you can load it much easier on your second project without having to recreate it.

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