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Question - Activation/Validation No.70661
ThisIsMyUserName  2017-03-22 00:14:18 ( ID:s9atscqcvuf )  

After activation/validation is already performed, can the computer be disconnected from the Internet?

As long as no updates are applied to smart renderer 5, the software is not moved to a new computer, the computer's OS/hardware is not changed, etc., will the software then function indefinitely after initial activation/validation, or will the software require the computer to be connected to the Internet periodically in order to continue functioning?


tkrave  2017-03-22 12:46:12 ( ID:t7rw5rdz3jm )  

It will need to be connected periodically, but once it's validated, you can disconnect it until it asks for validation.

ThisIsMyUserName  2017-04-15 20:13:36 ( ID:s9atscqcvuf )  

That's pretty much a deal killer for me. That is ridiculous and inexcusable for software to require phoning in to Big Brother regularly or it'll stop working.

Activation by itself is not a deal killer. Revalidating if the software is being updated or moved to another machine is not a deal killer either. But this goes way beyond that.

George  2017-05-19 07:29:33 ( ID:gizj1inbaql )  

It's not phoning in to "Big Brother", but to the company that made the program. No need to get paranoid. Having said that, it does make the program more difficult to use, but I guess it's an anti-piracy measure.

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