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Question - Converting .MKV files with subtitles No.70700
Tazrulez  2017-05-02 01:23:25 ( ID:qu9dvsfvvjh )  

I have some .MKV files with subtitles, either .ssa or .ass subtitles, and it is not recognizing the subtitles. If I demux the subtitle and convert it to .srt it loses all formatting that the original had, and i have over 400 .mkv files. Is there a way I can keep the .ssa or .ass formatting and still import the .mkv files to TAW5?

Kuno  2017-05-07 16:08:05 ( ID:hukdtzb7abf )  

No there is not. If you want to keep the formatting I would strongly suggest using VSO ConvertXtoHD. They do have a trial available and it uses NVENC so your encodes will use NVENC hardware if you have a newer NVIDIA card. Your other option is to hardsub everything, through handbrake or mediacoder or another software package and then bring it in to author.

Subtitle support really blows.

Persen  2017-06-12 01:08:50 ( ID:6tr/46zxmom )  

For the future of others, then you can try to take a peak at Subtitle Edit.
It can extract and convert various types of subtitles, which also incl. DVB subtitles to various other subtitle formats.
Just remember to download the required language packs for both the decoder and encoder after having installed Subtitle Edit.

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