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Question - Audio DVDs - Possible with TAW5? No.70691
James Robinson  Mail /  )  2017-04-22 13:39:24 ( ID:0btjfo3fxuf )  

Hello, Currently I use Apollo Audio DVD Creator, but it is somewhat limited. Can an audio DVD be created in TAW5? If so, Can someone outline the steps? I would need: album links on first page, then a page for each album, displaying song links, returning after each one played.

Thank you for any help.


tkrave  2017-05-19 13:28:20 ( ID:t7rw5rdz3jm )  

It cannot produce DVD-Audio (DVD-A) formatted DVDs.

I suppose you could create a DVD-Video project with audio tracks and images, but you'd still need a DVD-Video player to play it.

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