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Question - Problems with PopUp Menu Layout + Picture No.70677
deaddisk  2017-04-11 01:40:38 ( ID:gtyvk6pm/6c )  


I make a PopUp Menu, but i can´t resize the picture to the full width. What make i wrong? Here is a picture from my project:

Thanks for your help!


tkrave  2017-04-11 18:17:21 ( ID:t7rw5rdz3jm )  

You may need to adjust the bounding box around your image.
TAW5 tends to make a larger bounding box than the actual image which can make resizing more difficult.

Select your image to see the bounding box and then adjust the height.
Once the height is adjusted, you should be able to increase the width to the full width of the screen.

deaddisk  2017-04-12 02:00:35 ( ID:gtyvk6pm/6c )  

Thanks for your help - it works! :)

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