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Question - Simultaneous Encoding with Batch Encode No.70645
Mkens  Mail /  )  2017-03-12 12:31:47 ( ID:v3qkxewwzul )  

I'm taking .MTS files from a Panasonic AG-AC90 (AVCHD) and having to convert them to either an MPEG 1, 2, or 4(h.264). I have hundreds of hours to do.

My question is: how do I best approach maximizing my hyperthreaded cores (4) with the batch encode tool? I've upped the usable logical cores to 7 for my hyperthreaded quad core. Are there output settings aside from NVENC that would limit the amount of files able to be encoded at once? If I take one project of 15 clips to be transcoded into individual files (not combined) from TMPEG VM 6 and send it to the batch encode tool, should I see it encoding up to 7 clips at the same time?

Sorry for all the questions, I'm just trying to flesh out what I should expect to see and if I could be more efficient.

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