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Question - AVI file import fails, force DirectShow OK - what happened ? No.70628
benoitm  2017-02-27 17:59:52 ( ID:7gl.ipsdl4a )  

This morning when I wanted to transcode a file using TVMW5, I got a green screen in the video preview: impossible to read the file. Until yesterday everything was working OK. Nothing happened in the system happened since (software updates, etc.) !
The "offending" files are .AVI encoded with Matrox I-Frame MPEG2 codec ("M701") and play just fine with a.o. Windows Media Player 12. There maybe other AVI codecs that yield the same result, but I haven't tested.
The same problem occurs when I try to open the file with TAW5.
The workaround found is to force DirectShow File reader, instead of leaving the default autoselected AVI File reader.

What's wrong ?
Where's the problem: a codec issue at OS level ? Should I reinstall the Matrox apps & codec ? (But the Matrox apps, as well as WMP12, can still properly play the fles)
A corruption of TMPGEnc apps ? But the problem is the same for TVMW, TAW, why ???

Is there any downside in using the DirectShow File reader vs. the AVI File reader (performance, quality ?) - platform is Win7 SP1

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