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Question - How to add long audio track to bluray overlapping all videos No.70610
Chris Lomont  2017-02-11 12:53:13 ( ID:0ooijz/wzt. )  

I have created a Blu-ray from many old home movies, in 20+ chapters. They are silent. I want to add a single long playing audio track to play along with the whole thing, but cannot figure out how to do it. If I add the audio to the first chapter, TMPGEnc TAW5 simply resizes the first clip to as long as the audio.

Is there a way to do this? I do not want to hand split the audio into 20+ pieces and add one at a time to tracks (plus that would likely have audio gaps).


Blizzard  2017-02-12 05:28:17 ( ID:0qutv2teqd. )  

Hi. Not sure if I can help but I will try. First can you clarify, do you mean you have 1 long file within 1 track that is chapter marked 20 times, or do you mean you have 20 different files within 1 track (thus making every clip a chapter) ?

Chris Lomont  2017-02-12 05:57:55 ( ID:0ooijz/wzt. )  

I have 20 video clips, set as 20 chapters. I want to take a long list of songs, merge them into one audio, and have them play while the 20 video clips play.

Cutting the audio into 20 sections would be a pain, and I suspect would be hard to get to sync nicely at the boundaries.

Blizzard  2017-02-12 10:46:32 ( ID:0qutv2teqd. )  

Have you thought of authoring the disc first without your music track (no need to do a menu at this stage) and then because it will join up all video clips in to 1 big file (output to blu-ray folder), you could then import that in to a new project, then chapter mark each video, this will then show your video as one long clip but still with it chaptered in to 20 different points. Because it is now one long file you can add a long music track to it.

Just an idea.

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