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Question - Specifications for BD-MV source video? No.70581
Alexander  Mail /  )  2017-01-04 22:57:43 ( ID:wmjblqslemn )  

Hello to you all Pegasys guys!
Who can tell me the right specifications for BD-MV source video files?
Because of I produce BDMV file from Sony VideoStudio but AW5 tells me that it needs to reconvert it (no smart render, red sign)!..

Persen  Mail /  )  2017-02-09 23:03:58 ( ID:6tr/46zxmom )  

Creating the videos as M2TS files with H.264 MPEG-4 AVC codec, might get you a step closer to smart rendering in TAW5.
That is the standard used for Blu-ray.

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