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Question - best dvd settings No.70253
BONLEV  Mail /  )  2016-03-11 21:55:22 ( ID:kstvbk0ogig )  

I filmed and edited a carnival here. It's after editing 217minutes long.
I use DVD9 (double layer)

In settings I use 2pass encoding but do I set for example 8000 kbits for average video and hope that TAW5 is trying to reach that setting with the 2pass encoding? I know that this program is a very good encoder for minimal loss of quality.

Or use a online bitrate calculator which gaves me about 4750 kbits for average

Someone experience with this?

Persen  Mail /  )  2016-03-15 20:59:14 ( ID:6tr/46zxmom )  

If you enter a minimum and maximum bitrate under Settings for the track in Source, that will also then be the output bitrate values, that will be forced on the video.

But the 4750 Kbps average you found, is pretty much the normal bitrate for standard DVD quality.
Rarely DVD releases from the various movie studios goes above this.

BONLEV  2016-03-16 19:25:23 ( ID:kstvbk0ogig )  

@ Persen: thank you for the reply!

I changed the average bitrate till it didn't exceed the 8,5Gig bar into red.
4850 was in this case the average bitrate to stay away from red.

I can't change the minimum bitrate, only the maximum and took 8000.
only changing the average bitrate affects the bar below for calculating.

If I had put for example 7000 bitrate for average TAW5 would outputted the same dvd quality like my 4850 average now? If the answer is no than I always will follow my method above.

1 extra question. I had to make blu ray and dvd from this project. First I made the blu ray project and rendered it. (took more than 12 hours! 2VBR and average bitrate of 13500 I thought)

Then I openend TAW5 "open with conversion" and I choose DVD (pal in my case)
I changed the bitrate to 4850 and rendered it and burnt it. But this took again more than 5 hours! why?

I saw after "open with conversion" the bitrates where 9800 or something for maximum and average after "open with conversion".

I remember in the past I had a conversion finished in less than 30 minutes.
So what I'm doing wrong or is my workflow not good?

I have a very fast intel i7 pc with lots of ram. I make/export my 50P files in sony vegas. Than drag them into TAW5.

Persen  Mail /  )  2016-03-21 19:59:31 ( ID:6tr/46zxmom )  

When wanting to set a minimum bitrate, you have to choose Re-incode all as bellow, works for me every time on both DVD and Blu-ray projects when i do this.

The huge difference in output time that can be experienced depends on, if smart rendering is possible or not of the video files, where then everything then is just muxed (copied untouched). My own personal experience with the video files i have worked with, is that smart rendering for me was only possible with DVD-MPEG and VOB files for DVD projects and M2TS files for Blu-ray projects.

12 hours for creating a Blu-ray sounds normal to me, that's also the time it takes for me, when working with movies that was recorded from HDTV as TS files, which i want to turn in to Blu-ray's with a menu.
But is rare that i do this, because i normally only do such projects with Christmas movies in 1080i, where i then have 3 movies on each disc.

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