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Question - Video Judder No.70262
bixbe68  Mail /  )  2016-03-18 22:51:04 ( ID:mrqmb6emifr )  

I cannot make smooth videos with this latest firmware. I have the right pc with GTX970, 32Gb RAM and 6core processor. My original HEVC 2160p 25fps clips play smoothly in all players (WMP, MPC-HC etc.) So do my HEVC videos from another NLE (which has other problems). I have tried many different settings. H265 to x264, H265 to NVENC AVC or NVENC HEVC. Variable bitrate as high as my camera NX1. All videos come out choppy, stroboscopic. All I want is to join my clips and make it smooth. You can watch it on my YouTube channel Anders Bixbe 160313 and 160316. Is there an easy solution to this? The free space on my SSD Windows 10 C disc is 150Gb..

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