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Question - No Sound when loading MKV files No.70232
heavyend81  2016-02-23 18:14:19 ( ID:ufsr.l52azr )  

First post for me guys. I am using TVMW 5 but would like to upgrade to 6 but I need to sort a problem before I spend my money. When loading an MKV video into a project it says No Audio Data. There is audio on the video so can anyone tell me how I can get it to pick up the audio stream. I don't want to be extracting the audio file in another programme and then adding it to this as surely it should be picking it up in TMVW5. Thanks

Persen  Mail /  )  2016-02-25 20:56:26 ( ID:6tr/46zxmom )  

I guess these MKV's contain DTS audio, correct? That's not supported, unless you give it a little help, by using external direct show filters.
I have DTS and Dolby True HD support, because i let Haali Media Splitter and FFDSHOW (32-bit) take care of the rendering.

Does require to make a few changes of settings to be done first in both TVMW5 and FFDSHOW (32-bit) to get it working:

FFDSHOW Audio decoder configuration Codecs:
TrueHD change to libavcodec
DTS change to libdts
Uncompressed change to disabled

FFDSHOW Audio decoder configuration Mixer, put tick in box to activate Mixer and then:
Output speaker configuration: Change to same as input

FFDSHOW video decoder configuration Codecs:
VC-1 change to wmv9
Raw video change to all supported

Options => Preferences => File input plug-in
Here remove ticks from everything EXCEPT at FLV1 / FLV4 file reader and DirectShow file reader

MPEG => MPEG decoder, here change everything to Standard decoder

Click OK to exit, shut down TVMW5 and reload to make changes take effect.
What is mentioned above, can also be used in TAW5 to get that one to use Haali Media Splitter and FFDSHOW for rendering instead and get DTS support.

Haali Media Splitter and FFDSHOW (32-bit) download links:

Persen  Mail /  )  2016-09-28 11:37:49 ( ID:6tr/46zxmom )  

Adding to this, if you have elder video, who has been encoded with Dolby Digital, which also contains Dolby Pro Logic or Dolby Pro Logic II, then its possible to force this in to Dolby Digital 5.1
What you have to do in FFDSHOW's audio decoder configuration, is to put a tick at Dolby decoder.
Then TVMW5 will believe that the audio source is Dolby Digital 5.1

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