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Question - bdmt_eng,xml Errors No.70236
TomLewandowski  Mail / Home )  2016-02-25 11:46:11 ( ID:.t38jdbdulr )  

TAW5 creates bdmt_eng.xml files for your blu-ray's BDMV/META/DL subdirectory, if you enable it to do so. However, it writes the files, incorrectly. I have SONY BD players and they support thumbnails and disc titles, but TAW5's bdmt_eng.xml file has to have the xml corrected for this to function.

The title is displayed with the xml tag PLACE TITLE HERE, but TAW5 doesn't include the "di:" portion of the tag, therefore, making it useless. So, I simply add it using Windows Notepad, in UTF8 format.

It also doesn't write the correct path to the thumbnails. I haven't been able to find the proper code for this, though. It appears to write the location correctly, but perhaps using the incorrect code.

This is what it writes:


The two images are in the same subdirectory as the xml file, so this appears to be correct. However, every other example of code I've seen adds:


I don't know xml, but the "./" seems to point to the same subdirectory as the xml file, anyway. Does anyone have any thoughts on things I might try to get the thumbnail code properly written? The title works find, and I've tried several different ways to write the path to the thumbnails. I've even put them in the root, BDMB, and META directories, as well as the DL directory. Notta. I can get thumbnails with commercial discs that reference an online location, but not when the thumbs are on the actual least not with the path that TAW5 writes.


Tom Lewandowski  Mail / Home )  2016-08-14 19:10:49 ( ID:.t38jdbdulr )  

Thanks you TMPEnc Team for correcting the '' switch in TAW Authoring Works 5's bdmt_eng.xml file.

My SONY BD plays still won't display the images I include, like they do with commercial BD discs. Since I know my players DO display thumbnails when the image sources are pointed to online sources, there has to be something in the syntax of the image location created by TAW5 that is incorrect.

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