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Bug report - Random Crashes with TMPGENC No.70231
Duffbeer  2016-02-23 16:06:59 ( ID:n0o.bbcqi9c )  

I used Tmpgenc for over 6 month now and never had a single crash so far. Everything ran smooth and absolutely perfect. A few weeks ago i decided to update to the newest version and now i have alot of crashes. It's really get's to a point where editing isn't enjoyable anymore. It happens extremly often and i don't get why it happens. You can play your project 40 times and on the 41 replay you have the crash.

When the crash happens it's always the same thing. In the middle of a replay, the preview screen freezes but the project still runs further and the sound stays correct. When you hit the spacebar another time to stop and reposition yourself at the timeline, the whole thing freezes and the programm stays in an endless freeze without response. Only way to get out is to close and reopen the project.

It can also happen when i save or when i change filters on a videoclip. In between TMPGENC often tells me that there is a "problem with a pointer" whatever that means. I am just doing things like i always did....putting filters and effects on text or videos.

At first i thought that something was wrong with my computer, so i made a fresh windows 7 install. Didn't help....

I wanted to downgrade to the version i had before but unfortunately i don't know which version i got back then + the company seems to not provide downloads from older versions. Where can i find them? I would try out some sort of 6.1.x or even older ones, but i can't find them!

Martyn Bromley  Mail /  )  2016-03-08 22:07:59 ( ID:cu2r5lwro.w )  

Have just installed V6. Not keen on the non-adjustment of the GUI interface - unlike Adobe where you can alter to a lighter color to accommodate different monitors but that's another story.

Constant crashes using Win10 x64 - SSD and 8gb memory. No problems with V5 using Win10. So in effect the program is not fit for purpose unless there is a fix issued somewhere.

Won't be upgrading again until I've given the trial a really good test run and Pegasys are not very communicative on the issue. Not good.

ReclusiveOrc  2016-03-11 09:04:07 ( ID:f01qy2tvmu2 )  

I also am experiencing system freezing/lockups since installing I did not have this problem with any of the earlier versions and it only happens when encoding with either NvENC or cuda. I submitted a trouble request and the reply was to rename the UtilsIntelMedia.vme and UtilsCuda.vme so that they are not used. This negates the biggest reason I purchased this software(fast encoding using Nvidia).

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