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Request - gaps between chapters, or a new clip property No.70021
GlennD  2015-11-09 10:28:44 ( ID:2anh/oesgcn )  

I have some video scans of 8mm home movies.
I can make transitions at the split points, but all transitions
modify the source, on both chapters at the split point.

In a future version of TAW I would like to be able to insert a gap
(with default value of 2 seconds) at the end of the
chapter before the split point.
The default color should be black.
This gap would not modify any source frames.

Yes, I could insert a picture or a pattern,
but then that makes a new chapter and so the chapter numbers
are all messed up.

So maybe another possibility is to have a clip property
that does *not* increment the chapter number.
The property would be similar to this one:
"Do not display this chapter in the menu"
In this case, the clip would simply be merged with the previous one
into the same chapter.

Thanks for the consideration,

erickhc  Mail /  )  2016-01-16 11:20:42 ( ID:fuvdg9fgx0j )  

I had the same issue. What I did was create a black image with the same resolution as the track, and add it between the tracks, setting its duration to 1sec. Takes a little bit of time, but while there isn't such feature, it helps creating a gap. Problem is you'll have to turn off the image chapter (as it will be taken as a chapter alone) when building menus. Like said, it takes more time. :)

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