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Request - Auto chapter naming after filenames in the same track No.70132
erickhc  Mail /  )  2016-01-16 11:17:10 ( ID:fuvdg9fgx0j )  

I am adding several small clips in single track, and I am having such a waste of time naming every single one of the clips in the track/popup menus! I have the filenames all numbered as they should show up in the menus, but naming the files before importing them became useless. Please, add this feature. Thanks in advance.

BlizzardUK  2016-02-05 02:30:56 ( ID:dvif1fte5co )  

I am really hoping they add features like this too.

Also I make large blu-rays with 50+ videos on sometimes that all need chapters added every 5 minutes. With Nero and Corel software they automatically add these chapter points to every video with a single click, but with Authoring Works I have to manually go to each video to then automatically add a 5 minute chapter to it. If I want every video to have 5 minute chapters, surely they can just add a single tick button to allow this. Obviously this isn't much of an issue with under 10 videos, but with 50+ it is very time consuming for such an easy thing to fix.

Also when I import TS files it always shows the name as "program 1", why can't it just use the name from the file name ?

I am really hoping either AW5 has an update or AW6 comes out with these features.

I love TMPGEnc software and have bought most of the software they bring out, some multiple times for multiple PCs, so I really hope these things can be added as I don't like using other software.

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