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Question - trace of the hidden chapters in dvd players No.70117
neko  2016-01-03 00:34:53 ( ID:9lvjkoljcgo )  

I have a lectures of drawing anatomy. I edited them and sometimes between scenes I have fade out - fade in transition. (That are all movies that I imported in separate tracks.. One movie with transitions as one video file in one track). It looks fine and everything is ok. I added chapters for every lecture. I really want to avoid having this situation: when a selected chapter has finished I have a part of transition of the new scene of the lecture starting, and when I press the next chapter I am in the middle of video transition of the previous scene.

I made a new chapter where I would put only the transition part in it and made it not to be seen as a chapter. Everything is fine ..When I press play all it plays the movie with the transition (that are part of one video file) and when I pres chapters everything is grate I dont have this messy video fade in fade out at the beginig or end of the selected chapters..

The only problem I do have is that dvd players count the hidden chapters as chapters..So I have for example chapter 001 and then chapter 003 becouse he counts hiden chapter also. It just doesen't look very professional..when i read it in dvd player... Is there any solution to correct that? I want that there is no trace of the hidden chapters in dvd players.

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