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Question - Open With Conversion Bluray to DVD No.70106
Mike  2015-12-25 02:28:31 ( ID:titosw3ql2m )  

Let me start out by saying I like this Authoring program a lot, but just like others out there, there is no "perfect" one program out there for everybody.
Simple things like copying and pasting an object would be a huge benefit to have as well as copying and pasting buttons and relinking them.
When converting a bluray project to a dvd project all the highlights for the thumbnails are missing on the DVD project !!! The bluray works fine.I tried burning to a new disc of different manufacture, didn't work. I tried a different highlight color, nope. I tried deleting the output folder and re-encoding to a new folder, which takes a year and a day every time, nada. I tried open with conversion a second time, a third time, negative.

Checked global menu highlight settings, which always reverts back to highlight tab 1 by the way.
Checked opacity of highlight, set at 100%. It does remember the opacity and highlight style just not the tab.
It will not show up on a Samsung Bluray player so I tried a different Standard JVC DVD player and BINGO, it does show up. Obviously I need it to be compatible with as many players as possible. This has always been my crutch of the projects no matter which program I use, and I have used a lot. Anyone else have this problem? Any thoughts? Happy Holidays !!

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