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Question - Blu Ray BDXL 100GB discs No.70057
SmeltzerDeltzer  2015-11-22 16:38:44 ( ID:0axaxmd3kwm )  

I recently purchased a few 100B bdXL discs. Is there a way to use them within Authoring works 5? I noticed it only goes up to 50GB.

Any and all help would be appreciated.

Persen  Mail /  )  2015-11-29 21:06:10 ( ID:6tr/46zxmom )  

You can't use those discs any way in your Blu-ray player.
The first players to hit the market, who will have BDXL support, won't arrive before 2016, which are UHD Blu-ray players from Samsung and Panasonic.
Not a single one of the current Blu-ray players supports these discs.

Also, did you check the specs for your Blu-ray writer, if it actually has BDXL support?

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