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Question - Simple 4 item menu selection No.70056
Alpha1  2015-11-22 08:42:16 ( ID:aitjvxtmffr )  

I want to create an extremely simple menu for Blu-Ray disks. When the disk is inserted it should show 4 selections (tracks) on a main menu. The selected track should play immediately when chosen without any other pages shown. Upon finishing the selected track it should return to the original simple menu. No chapters, no subtitles, nothing except simply open a main menu when the disk is inserted, go to the track selected, finish the track and go back to the main menu. No other selections involved at all.

Is this possible in TAW5?

I have tried at least a dozen different combinations on the custom menu choices with no real success. I keep getting intermediate (one example: chapter pages are shown) and can't get an opening insertion page that shows for track selections only.

Any assistance will be GREATLY appreciated..

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