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Question - How to select all files in timeline mode at once No.70012
Patrick S.  Mail /  )  2015-11-06 07:31:02 ( ID:rdomyqtrxb. )  


How to select all files at once in (timeline mode) that are in your timeline accros different layers?


if i delete a file from the time line there is a gap in the time line all files after the delete file need to be selected and move to the time where the file has been delete to get rid of the gap.

The way i do it now is hold CTRL and select every file that i want to move.
Is the also an other way? and is there a way so select al files at once?


tkrave  2015-11-13 06:56:39 ( ID:t7rw5rdz3jm )  

Easiest way to get rid of gaps is to right-click on the layer header and select the "Bring all clips in this layer to the beginning" option. This will remove all gaps in the layer.

You can't select all clips across all layers, but you can use ctrl+A to select all clips in the selected layer.

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