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Question - Mpeg encoder No.69041
Maxim  Mail /  )  2014-12-30 21:18:32 ( ID:8ndjdte6vnn )  

Hello everyone
I have a question
Which has a better Mpeg-2 encoding capabilities bewteen
Video Mastering Works and
DVD Authoring works

I have both but i want the best result.
Thank you

Bob  2015-01-15 12:49:55 ( ID:47zfmldjmel )  

I seem to have read somewhere that VMW uses a better encoder than DAW, but I don't know for sure. I use VMW simply because I want it's other features such as filters and the different output formats. If I am creating a DVD, I use VMW to created DVD mpeg files and then use DAW to author the DVD using those files. If you want a better answer, I would ask TMPGenc Support. If you do that, let us know what they say.

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