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Request - User Determines the Number of Threads No.69459
Thranduilion  Mail /  )  2015-01-14 17:16:39 ( ID:21cjhqscpiw )  

TMPGEnc MASTERING WORKS 5 offers the choice of whether or not to use multi-threaded encoding but it's an all-or-nothing affair. On my i7 quad core, TMW5 uses 36 threads to encode an AVC(x264) video, which degrades the quality (I've done frame-by-frame comparisons) significantly more than, say, 4 threads would.

Could users have more control over this?

Also, x264 sets the "slices" minimum to 1; I'd rather use 0.

These two issues are THE deciding factors regarding my choice of encoder. If I need a small file size (and want it to finish encoding while I'm still young...-ish), then I really can't abide using 36 threads to encode a single-sliced video.

Other than those two issues, I'd pretty much marry the software. Both options are doable in the x264 engine itself, just not in TMPGEnc Mastering Works 5.

Thanks for reading!


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