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Question - TMPGEnc Video Mastering Works 6 release date? No.69450
Dutchman  2015-01-12 19:45:29 ( ID:rf7jsgs8dfo )  

I am anxious to know when TMPGEnc Video Mastering Works 6 might be released. Do any members here have any insight?

smartfinder77  Mail / Home )  2015-01-17 00:06:28 ( ID:vugg8vbzeal )  

It is better to wait for a more mature product.
In Japan are the world's best beta tester.

2015.1.16 / Ver. (Rev.3).

I have HD Transcoding card "SpursEngine" PxVC1100.
Unfortunately not supported by TVMW6 only 64bit

Currently supported SpursEngine (TVMW5 "yes" - TAW5 "yes")
Previously supported SpursEngine (MovieStyle "yes" - TMPGE4 "yes")

I hope Toshiba manufactures a SpursEngine-2 card with support accelerations H265 and Pegasys-inc place your Plug-in accordingly.

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