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Question - Mpeg output No.69042
Maxim  Mail /  )  2014-12-30 21:25:41 ( ID:8ndjdte6vnn )  

I would like to ask if there is an option just to encode the edited video without making DVD.I know is a authoring software but i need to encode into MPEG-2 a movie because i like this encoder.I also have video mastering works but not sure if the quality of the MPEG-2 will be same.Are they using same encoding engine?

tkrave  2015-01-07 12:59:16 ( ID:resxbfmz4s2 )  

No, there isn't an option to just encode as a regular MPEG-2 video. However, most video players can play the outputted DVD files without you having to burn it to DVD.

Quality of Video Mastering Works should be the same for MPEG-2, so you can just use that.

RonnieJP  Mail /  )  2015-03-10 09:47:51 ( ID:aitjvxtmffr )  

You can use VOB2MPG (or VOB2MPG Pro) to extract from the VIDEO_TS folder you created to output a single MPG file. DVDVob2Mpg is another free program, but with less features. Both will create an MPG file from your VOB files without any encoding or effecting quality. They will extract a full DVD folder in less than a minute.

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