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Bug report - TMPEGenc stops reading new frames from captured AVI No.17086
MajorDidge  Mail /  )  2002-03-22 05:24:55 ( ID:wtff6c3jyyc )  

I am trying to compress about an hour of raw AVI generated by my TV Cature card. It starts processing happily, but after about 10 minutes it just repeats encoding the same frame to the end of the file. It appears to continue 'reading' the input file but does not 'receieve' any new frames and just encodes the same frame again and again until it gets to the end of the input. The input file plays thru to the end without a problem using the media player.

CrocoStimpy  2002-03-23 00:13:07 ( ID:t1jaxgdg/jo )  

Yep. Same thing happens to me, sometimes. I posted about it a few days ago. My big problem now is that I am running a 32 hour render and it dies 3 hours from finishing.

Ashy  Mail /  )  2002-03-24 16:30:52 ( ID:n3gjkhi6dvc )  

TMPG will only accept files up to a 4GB limit. If you need to compress a file bigger than this then I suggest you use Virtualdub to frameserve the file to Tmpgenc.
Note: It's not a good idea creating uncompressed AVI fue to the file size limits. Use a lossless codec instead such as huffyuv codec.

MajorDidge  Mail /  )  2002-03-24 23:32:03 ( ID:wtff6c3jyyc )  

OK, I see. So next question: how do i do a 2 Pass VBR encoding of a frameserved source file?. Does the frameserver have the smarts to rewind and serve from the start after the first pass?

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