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Question - TMPGENC not responding when encode (1 sec in) XP No.17084
coultard1  2002-03-22 05:14:02 ( ID:tet0osntc3r )  

I have downloaded that latest version of the software and i was trying to convert some .asf to mpg 1. When I press start in goes to one second then it just stops responding. There is no error message so i don't know what i happneing

I was able to do .wmv files previous to this but no asf ones
i tried to do a log of the encode but don't know what i;m looking for in there

what is the reason this is happening????????

Techno  Mail / Home )  2002-03-22 18:10:20 ( ID:82zqdopxre6 )  

ASF files are not supported by TMPGENC


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