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Question - poxel blocks No.17079
Daniel  Mail /  )  2002-03-22 03:36:25 ( ID:fexeuegxij2 )  

I am having problems with coverting files to a VCD...The pixels are large and blocked it makes the picture flicker as the pixels move. Does this make any sense to anyone or am a complete newbie?

Techno  Mail / Home )  2002-03-22 18:09:16 ( ID:82zqdopxre6 )  

Yeh, it does. Email me so I can tell u what to do. I do not want people insulting my solution THAT DO WORK!


Anonymous  2002-03-22 20:07:19 ( ID:n3gjkhi6dvc )  

Techno your solution will not be insulted if you just respect the advice others give.
Like I said everyone has there own solution and not any one solution is the final end. It is up to the receiver of these solutions to decide which is best for him not you.

Techno  Mail / Home )  2002-03-22 20:51:59 ( ID:82zqdopxre6 )  

I know that for crying out loud.


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