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Bug report - TMPGenc don't recognize good .MPG time long No.17055
Franckr  2002-03-21 15:39:54 ( ID:5dqipsy5bm. )  


I have some DivX and sometimes i wish convert these video to VCD
to see it on my dvd player

Sometimes i can't convert video because it not recognize real good time
of the video

For example, if i run media player i can see my video is 60 minutes long

When i try to convert after 23 minute for example it display
"Illegal floating decimal point calculation order"

And if i use File/MPEG tools/ Merge&Cut i add my .MPG file and
edit it, i put range to "last" it display 23 minutes too...

So, for this video, i can only convert 23 minutes...

If you could change this...

Else really good product, like panasonic mpeg encoder

Ashy  Mail /  )  2002-03-22 11:57:14 ( ID:n3gjkhi6dvc )  

My advice to you would be to use Virtual dub to frameserve the file to TMPG.
If you need instructions on how to do this the I suggest you look around on this board go here:

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