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Free talk - No.17046
fariii  Mail /  )  2002-01-12 00:43:31 ( ID:5ihfzap4tr. )  

Hi William,

I had actually done as you suggested earlier in the week.

Now I have a new problem. If I take an avi file from pinnacle/adobe, tmpgenc will only read it to frame 8459. I have tried it with several files with the same result. Isn't that odd? It will only allow me to have roughly 4:42 of video. I must need to use different environment variables. Have you found a combination that works satisfactorily?

I am trying to archive old analog home video to DVD. I am not as concerned about compression as I am about quality; if I only get an hour of video on one disc, it is not a big deal.

Any suggestions or resources that you can point me to would be appreciated.


presto  Mail /  )  2002-02-23 20:48:53 ( ID:z4o0wbrpujl )  

I tried to find out about the vfapi plug in that is on the download page. I see people getting flamed for asking about it. I just read the FAQ several times and don't see VFAPI Plugin mentioned anywhere. Go ahead and flame away but tell me what it is and how do I know if I need it. Does every one install it or is it a fix for something?

freezer  Mail /  )  2002-02-05 09:27:57 ( ID:nagd9q4h1/l )  

yes and but sound did not come up with the video ..

ToreP  Mail /  )  2002-02-25 21:54:22 ( ID:2wwjnlhef.o )  

Had this problem earlier. Looks to be a conflict with Pinnacle OpenDML HW decoder.
If you have Pinnacle system DV500Plus then upgrade to 3.0!
Disabling OpenDML in TEMPGenc Environmental settings VFAPI-Plugin is another workaround. The HW decoder is faster than the VFAPI if it works on your .avi files.

Good Luck!

fvbuddy  Mail / Home )  2002-03-19 05:05:19 ( ID:gvzp.ussib. )  

I have downloaded and installed the Nimo codec. I tried creating an mpg file from an m2v file that had sound embedded in it, and it did not work. Afterwards, I copied the MPEG2DEC.dll and SimpleResize.dll files from the Nimo Mpeg2dec directory into the TMPGEnc directory, and still no success in recognizing the m2v format for the audio. Can anyone offer some help? I am running Windows 98.

larsont  2002-03-17 06:47:46 ( ID:9hwpdrh5ago )  

I use nero, but I can't get 800 megs on 1 80 min. cd. How are you accomplishing this?

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