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Question - using tmpgenc4 spurs engine but still get 100% CPU usage ! No.58909
Martin wichtmann  Mail /  )  2009-06-25 23:39:07 ( ID:dfditwmikpk )  

I'm using the spurs engine plug-in with tmpgenc4 to convert some large 1080p file to 720p H.264/AVC, but the speed is not was i think it should be. Its taking 2 hours and 20 minutes to convert a 1080p movie to 720p H.264/AVC, does that seem right ?? Also while its converting the cpu usage is 100% and my cpu is getting to the +52 degrees.... i thought this would take the load of the cpu and just use the cpu to do the audio part and encoding to 2 channel stereo aac wouldn't require 100% i wouldn't think. I'm using the firecoder blu card (for the spurs engine) and my system is win XP, amd X2 64000+, 2 gig ram. Is there a way i can check to see if all cores of the firecoder is being used and how do i check the temp of the firecoder card ?? it doesnt show up in speedfan.

Heres a screenshot of what i mean :

Regards Marty.

tkrave  2009-06-26 21:03:49 ( ID:lgrl8ryjzyl )  

How long is your movie? 2 hours and 20 minutes actually sounds pretty good for converting a full-length HD movie.

Are you using the SpursEngine output profile in the Format Stage?

tkrave  2009-06-27 02:39:08 ( ID:lgrl8ryjzyl )  

Looking at the number of frames you have and your framerate, it looks like that's a 2 hour movie, which means you're not too far from a 1:1 encoding time. For HD video, that's really good.

As a comparison, I just converted a 12 second, 24fps 1080p QT video to DivX. It took 3 minutes, 31 seconds. Imagine if it were a 1 hour video; it would have taken me 17.5 hours at that rate!

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