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Question - SpursEngine - not working better? No.58907
Ryan  2009-06-24 01:12:27 ( ID:jwb9ex6f4wm )  

I have a Q9300, 6GB ram, $1000 desktop, I'm compressing 640x480 MPEG 2 (9MBPS) to mpeg 4 500kbps same resolution.
I just got the winfast pcx1100 and spursengine plugin, it can compress a 30" video in about 7 minutes but it only took 10-11 minutes before, so only a 50% speed improvement, not 200% like the demos???

Also, I can't seem to find any way to get the resolution right - it puts these 5px black bars on the top and bottom that I had been dealing with before by making it 640x470 in the output.

As a side note - I could not plug in the power connector because the cable didn't reach, would this slow it down???

tkrave  2009-06-24 02:36:59 ( ID:lgrl8ryjzyl )  

For your black bar problem, try this:

Use the picture resize filter and set it to "Centered (custom)", 640x480. Then do as you've been doing and set the output size as 640x480, 1:1 pixel. Check the preview to make sure there's no black bars.

I don't have the winfast card, but if there's a power connector that should be connected, then that could be slowing it down. It may just be to power the fan, and if the fan isn't on, then the spursengine processor might be getting too hot.

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