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Bug report - Long slideshow can't loop audio No.58900
natong  Mail /  )  2009-06-10 15:09:42 ( ID:i3i1h1sfuw2 )  

Long slideshow can't loop audio

I have 100 pictures for slideshow and 2 mins audio.
The slideshow can't play song as loop. Only play one round and stop, no song any more.

tkrave  2009-06-10 19:21:25 ( ID:lgrl8ryjzyl )  

Unfortunately, looping the audio isn't's not even an option. You can either adjust the slideshow to the length of the music or you don't and the music will end and the slideshow will keep going.

natong  Mail /  )  2009-07-05 10:53:48 ( ID:i3i1h1sfuw2 )  

So sad.

These is very important.

krk  Mail /  )  2011-01-11 06:10:12 ( ID:83bfjvz0uof )  

Audio looping option in slidwshow is missing. Any plans to include in for the future releases?

tkrave  2011-01-12 03:20:28 ( ID:esk4fdefcg2 )  

Hopefully it's in the next version, but we'll have to wait and see.

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