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Question - Converting NTSC 4:3 to PAL 16:9 No.58895
Nimbus3  Mail /  )  2009-06-04 12:54:29 ( ID:htqiz7jybm. )  

Just the simple quastion: The eseast way to convert a movie from NTSC 4:3 format to PAL 16:9. I'm new to this an need some hints.

tkrave  2009-06-06 00:07:26 ( ID:lgrl8ryjzyl )  

When you output the file, set it to PAL and the aspect ratio to 16:9. It's that easy. You'll have black bars on the sides of your video though.

Now, things will get a little more complicated if your NTSC 4:3 movie has letterboxing encoded into the movie. If it does, then you'll have to crop those out with the crop filter.

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