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Question - problem with output videos No.58892
fcz  Mail /  )  2009-06-02 23:11:24 ( ID:gkze3gu7tcg )  

after few days using TMPGEnc 4.0 XPress, and i'm getting really frustrated with this.
i'm using it to convert mpeg files which i record with my tv tuner to divx.
the problem is that i really can't find the right combination of parameters; the main problem is that the output
files mostly are "cut-off", the video looks like it's zoomed.

i noticed that under format tab, where i can change divx output settings, i can't modify height of video,
it's always 480 even though my videos are 720X576; maybe that's the problem?

tkrave  2009-06-06 00:14:28 ( ID:lgrl8ryjzyl )  

You may just need to change the "Output profile type" to "Home theater" or "HDTV." That should allow you to input 576 as the height.

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