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Request - Support for Windows 7 No.58879
nezuko  Mail /  )  2009-06-02 20:00:56 ( ID:9iwsddndxyc )  

I installed Windows 7 x64 RC build 7127, and TMPGEnc XPress won't start at all. Runtime Error 216 in address 066B3DD3. The software didn't start at all. and I have to end process the aplication to close. It seems have something to do with VMESys.dll.

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: TMPGEnc4XP.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 3a8d5743
Fault Module Name: VMESys.dll
Fault Module Version:
Fault Module Timestamp: 2a425e19
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Offset: 00003dd3
OS Version: 6.1.7127.
Locale ID: 1057
Additional Information 1: 9251
Additional Information 2: 92518e88b9db8c2be53f8f684976de7c
Additional Information 3: 3e3a
Additional Information 4: 3e3aeab4ac571d2a08000c256853cf5d

Another, TMPGEnc Autoring Works also didn't start at all. But the error is different. At address 0018FF31, Read error occured against FFFFFFFF.

Anyone having luck in execute those 2 software in Windows 7 x64 build 7127?

Johnny  2009-06-03 04:37:25 ( ID:x2r.poqjuaf )  

same problem here, on RC 7100.

solon2099  2009-06-03 13:23:21 ( ID:ngrtk68nm.w )  

same ?!?

VicBond007  2009-06-03 22:23:13 ( ID:63ehvq23dln )  

Same here on 7137.

Can run it in Virtual XP, but that's hardly a solution.

richronn  Mail /  )  2009-06-04 00:24:00 ( ID:rbrmoohupl. )  

Yep, I got the same problem also.. and I just downloaded the latest #7 X64 from Microsoft last night updated it and TMPGEnc still won't work...

tkrave  2009-06-05 23:59:00 ( ID:lgrl8ryjzyl )  

Well, seeing as how Windows 7 isn't final yet, support for it will be spotty at best. Once it's finalized, I'm sure support will be least that's what I'm hoping.

nezuko  Mail /  )  2009-06-08 16:48:30 ( ID:yj65di8yu8. )  

So, in virtual XP TMPGEnc still can work, but is there difference from when you run it in the host like Vista?

Ken  Mail /  )  2009-06-14 06:48:54 ( ID:fy4wibztkt2 )  

Anybody have any luck sorting this out?

Duane  2009-06-16 01:47:10 ( ID:5micuiccj3g )  

It runs fine for me on x64 build 7100, but it won't open .mkv files. Seems to open .avi and some others though...

Ken  Mail /  )  2009-06-18 22:28:52 ( ID:zw57sn0bdqo )  

it crashes on me prior to even getting to the splash screen.

nezuko  2009-07-06 21:04:55 ( ID:yj65di8yu8. )  

Well, in other topic I find that another user which has the legit licensed serial number have their TMPGEnc Authoring works 4 and XPress 4 work well in windows 7.
they say that cracked version of those 2 software won't run under win7. Come to think of it, 7 and vista is the same kernel, so may be they right afterall. Just wait for the crack maker to release their updated crack which works fine with win7.

Endurion  2009-07-26 22:26:04 ( ID:eylg1qf.def )  

You need to reinstall TMPGenc properly, using compatibility settings.

Right click the installation file and choose "properties" then "compatibility" and check the box to "Run Program As" and choose Windows Vista SP3.

That should help.

muitommy  2009-08-21 05:02:50 ( ID:4i.nyuyhdjm )  

i have tried vista sp2 comp. mode in installations, didn't help either. (i don't got sp3 options)

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