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Question - Default Filter Template No.71300
Kaito  2019-06-17 18:08:57 ( ID:zprdjesztt. )  

Did I want to know if this option has been removed in version 7?

tkrave  2019-06-27 08:30:20 ( ID:t7rw5rdz3jm )  

It has not been removed, but it is implemented differently.
Go to the filter tab in the Clip Editing window, add the filters you want as the default and adjust their settings accordingly. Then, right-click on the filter list and select "Set Current Settings as Default".

Dennis Hartley  Mail /  )  2019-08-18 03:46:36 ( ID:7.7nvfkobgc )  

I've just read this as I was about to complain about the fact that I couldn't set 'Normalize' as a default for every project as previous versions did.
I'm very pleased that I still can but this wasn't a very obvious way of doing it !
Now, how about doing the same in Smart Renderer 5, please!

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