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Request - Some (Longtime) Feature Requests No.71298
bobthegoat2001  Mail /  )  2019-06-15 01:41:02 ( ID:eqqz3u/ujog )  

I like TMPGEnc VMW because it's quick and easy to use. There are a few features that keep me from using it 100% of the time though. I do hope that some of these are considered for this new version. I'm currently on VMW 6, if these requests become available in version 7, I may upgrade.

* An option to -Not- re-encode Audio/Video.
There are many times that I would like to just edit Video, but leave Audio 'as is', it would be nice to just basically 'copy' the audio over. Other times I would like to just go from one container to another (ex. AVI to MKV) without re-encoding anything. Copying DTS-HD MA, Dolby TrueHD & Atmos would be nice also (I wouldn't mind if it couldn't re-encode those codecs, but copying would be nice).

* Cropping Presets
This would be really convenient when cropping video. Maybe an option to "Maintain Aspect", or other aspects like 16:9, 4:3, 16:10, custom, etc. Also the option for landscape and portrait for phones, etc.

* Output to the same folder of source file.
I like leaving the encoded video in the same folder as the original file, so that leaves me to browsing to it every time I want to encode something. An option to do this by default to the source folder would be nice.  2019-06-26 04:08:11 ( ID:vhmtdcttoqh )  

I would like to add one other feature request:
*The ability to align to overlapping clips by syncing audio.
I'm not a professional, so I don't have cameras that are time synced. Cyberlink has this feature and it works very well. If Tmpgenc added this I would have no more reason to use Cyberlink.

bobthegoat2001  Mail /  )  2019-07-25 12:07:03 ( ID:mbrxd3gvaff )  

* Another feature request I forgot to add was subtitle support. Sometimes videos will have a bunch of subtitles in them and I really only care about one or two. So removing the rest without re-encoding the audio and video would be nice.

tkrave  2019-08-02 03:22:21 ( ID:t7rw5rdz3jm )  

Not re-encoding the audio has been a user request for as long as I can remember. Not really holding out that it will happen.

Lossless video editing is technically possible, but would most likely be limited to MPEG formats, similar to TMPGEnc MPEG Smart Renderer. It's possible that Pegasys simply sees Video Mastering Works as a video converter first and foremost; lossless editing is probably not the focus of the software, in other words. Integrating the feature would, as mentioned, probably be limited to MPEG formats, and that might be too limited considering the huge number of formats that TVMW can handle; users might expect the feature to be available for all of these formats, which would probably be impossible. This would also increase the cost of the software, and I feel like Pegasys is trying to stay as close to $100 as possible. Those are just my theories as to why it isn't implemented.

Subtitles are supported, but if you add or edit subtitles, your video will have to be re-encoded since Video Mastering Works encodes the subtitles into the video itself. It is not like Authoring Works or DVD/Blu-ray authoring software, which uses a separate overlay to display the subtitles.

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