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Question - de interlacing No.71333
BOBC  Mail /  )  2019-07-21 19:16:59 ( ID:jxbzckanggn )  


I have been searching for a modern flat screen tv that will display SD footage broadcast camcorder, tv recordings etc, with same definition as I see on my massive Sony Wega KD 32DX51U CRT two man lift TV, and have eventually found one, a Panasonic HD Tv, however any medium to fast movement displays a haircomb toothed edge along edges of the moving items.

I am told this is interlacing, the dvd player used in the shop was set to progressive, as these TVs are nowadays progressive.

I had fed it a dvd made using TMPGenc DVD Authoring Works and set to progressive, but am told just taking Interlaced and making a progressive disc isn’t enough.
Even footage on it recorded from Virgin Media Tivo box last year had the comb effect, surely that’s coming out of the tivo progressive as it presumes its going into a current flatscreen ?

I don’t see any comb effect at all on my Sony Wega CRT, just stunning detail not seen on any flatscreen until the one just found, which doesn’t better it, just matches it. CRT's were designed for Interlaced (or vice versa) I am told.

De interlace the original footage then make a progressive dvd disc again I am told to try.

Can TMPGenc DVD Authoring works 5 de-interlace my footage ? It first gets taken to PC via a dvd_ram disc then quickstream fixed in VideoredoPlus making it an .mpg then authored in TMPGenc.

I am not familiar with de-interlacing.



tkrave  2019-07-26 05:03:34 ( ID:t7rw5rdz3jm )  

Video going to a HD flatscreen can still be interlaced, and broadcast/cable TV might be interlaced from the source to save on bandwidth or because they are limited to a certain resolution/framerate, depending on what channel you're watching. So your footage from your Virgin Media Tivo Box can be interlaced if the source was interlaced.

Authoring Works 5 should be able to deinterlace your footage. In the Source stage, click on the Settings button for your track. Under the Video tab, change the Output Mode to "Encode All Video Streams as Below". You should then be able to change the Scan Type to Progressive.

You will have to repeat that for each track, if you have multiple tracks.

BOBC  Mail /  )  2019-07-26 06:05:57 ( ID:jxbzckanggn )  

Hi, I had used TMPGenc to make a progressive and an Interlaced dvd, maybe I used that method, dont recall, but the progressive played with tooth comb effect on a current flatscreen played from a dvd player set to progressive.

was it that the dvd player should have been set to interlaced ?

was it that the TV was 1080p and I stand no chance of losing the combs unless I buy a 1080i ?

It gives SD quality matching the detail I see, and others can't, seen in SD using my Sony WEGA crt so I want to buy it as its the first current or not so current flatscreen plasma lcd etc technology that manages to give definition in SD as good as the WEGA, but I need to find out how big an issue its going to be with dvd's I make.

Can I fix the comb effect in the editing is my quest at the moment.


tkrave  2019-07-26 08:54:25 ( ID:t7rw5rdz3jm )  

If it was properly deinterlaced, the combing should be gone or minimized. Setting the DVD player to interlaced won't do anything, I would think.

I suggest trying to deinterlace a sample clip with Authoring Works and viewing the resulting clip on your computer to confirm that it is actually deinterlaced. If it is, then you can author your DVD without worry (at least, that part of the process won't be to blame).

A 1080p TV should be able to display a 1080i image as well, so I wouldn't bother looking for a new flatscreen.

BOBC  Mail /  )  2019-08-11 05:28:15 ( ID:jxbzckanggn )  

I cannot see where in TMPGenc dvd authoring works 5 I tell it to deinterlace a clip. in the clip settings I see option to re-encode output which makes selectable another drop down with interlace or progressive but I need to deinterlace then create a progressive clip. Furthermore to have a choice of a few deinterlacing options would be better as I see there are 4 methods according to another youtube video, some are not so good.

Just where is the deinterlace option to be found ?


tkrave  2019-08-13 15:09:14 ( ID:t7rw5rdz3jm )  

Progressive Scan means non-interlaced. I've run my own tests and setting the track to progressive deinterlaced the video; it will automatically deinterlace the video. If it is not working, change the option for Field Order.

Like I said, the best thing to do is to do quick test and encode a very short clip and then view the output files to make sure it is deinterlacing properly.

BOBC  Mail /  )  2019-10-15 01:50:13 ( ID:jxbzckanggn )  

Thanks, back at this on eve of buying TV, I can see those settings so will try that (though no choices given compared to what I see in handbrake such as yadif) or lossless in HD vid etc prog, and so to see how well TAW does I will compare to de-interlacing using another prog.

To that end, I have tested handbrake and also HD Video converter Factory 15.4 for de-interlacing to compare to TMPGenc's abilities, as certainly the HD etc prog I found gave a result matching original when I chose lossless, vbr, 25fps, PAL, and resolution as per the original (720 x 576). Handbrake on default settings turned a grass football pitch into a featurless woozy mess. Also it changed 16:9 to 1.728 whatever that was as well as altering 720 to 700.

When authoring a dvd I see the interlace or progressive option for each clip and select interlace, when authoring all my interlaced clips , and choose 16:9 (I dont mix 4:3 and 16:9 on same disc. Not sure if one can but I dont.) then comes menu then simulation then burn and nowhere do I see an option to tell it to burn an interlaced or progressive. I assume TAW sees all interlaced and knows it must not burn progressive., likewise if it has been told footage as added is progressive (my de-interlaced footage done beforehand) it will burn a progressive disc, AM I RIGHT ?

I hope this TV I am after doesnt require me to deinterlace all my footage as its going to take me years. If it receives broadcast interlaced it would deinterlace.


tkrave  2019-12-27 15:00:42 ( ID:t7rw5rdz3jm )  

The interlace and progressive setting for the individual clip properties is a flag setting and won't cause the clip to be re-encoded. It's editable in case the flag is wrong and needs to be corrected. This flag setting is read by the player so it knows what type of clip it is. A wrong setting might cause playback errors in some players, but I believe most modern players are smart enough to play the clip regardless.

TAW will not burn an entire disc as progressive or interlaced unless the tracks are set that way. Each track can be set as progressive or interlaced, and that is how each track will be burned to disc. However, I'm not completely sure it will automatically burn an all-interlaced disc as interlaced. If your clips are DVD-compliant, then they should remain untouched, but if they are not DVD-compliant, TAW will re-encode them -- possibly as progressive, but I'm not sure.

So the best option would be to manually set the track settings to interlaced to make absolutely sure it will remain interlaced. However, if your clips are DVD-compliant, you shouldn't have to do that. If your output is extremely fast, then your clips are probably DVD-compliant.

Also, you can put 4:3 and 16:9 footage on the same disc as long as they are in separate tracks. If you mix 4:3 and 16:9 footage in the same track TAW will add black bars to letterbox or pillarbox the footage that doesn't match the aspect ratio set in the track settings.

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