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Question - Mastering works or Authoring works No.71317
Ghost Rider  Mail /  )  2019-07-01 02:14:32 ( ID:j5vig.rzsum )  

Not sure if I need both products.

I found Mastering works 6.0 to do most of what I want. I record gopro mountain bike videos. Most of the edits are simple cuts. I also like to add additional audio tracks mainly 24/96 music track and a 3rd mixed audio.

If I want to apply filters like to brighten it up or motion smoothing I have to do that in mastering works.

Can I do all of what I want to do in 7.0 or do I still need both?

tkrave  2019-07-03 09:08:30 ( ID:t7rw5rdz3jm )  

Mastering Works 7 should be able to do the things you want to do, so you don't need version 6 AND 7. I would download the trial version just to be sure it can do what you want.

Ghost Rider  2019-07-05 02:11:01 ( ID:j5vig.rzsum )  

Thanks for the suggestion. I downloaded the demo. I'm not seeing how to do the multiple audio streams. It may take some time to figure it out. Authoring works has a different layout and MW7 does not follow the same format for adding audio streams.

Ghost Rider  2019-07-05 04:42:17 ( ID:j5vig.rzsum )  

Looks like more than anything I need Authoring works. For most stuff I don't need to use filters. If I capture a TV show and in Mastering works I encode to a TS file for Blu-ray I still have to use AW to complete the job. If I use MW the file becomes twice the size and a 1:30 hour video will not fit on a BD25 disc.The same capture using just AW is like 11gigs.

So I think for the long run I may get both. Looks like if I get AW first I can save a little on MW as a repeat customer.

tkrave  2019-07-10 02:45:28 ( ID:t7rw5rdz3jm )  

Ah, okay I think I just got confused. You were thinking about just using Authoring Works 6 and wondering if Mastering Works 7 could do what AW6 could do.

The product names are similar so things get mixed up pretty easily.

Yeah, it sounds like AW6 is a better fit overall for you, and yeah, you'll need MW7 if you want to do the fancy filters.

Both programs can encode for Blu-ray but AW6 is better at adding multiple audio tracks, multiple subtitles, and of course you can create custom menus if you wanted to.

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