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Question - Timelapse No.71302
Marc_D  2019-06-18 14:32:31 ( ID:x73f0fx0xkk )  

Is there a possibility to add support to create Timelapse movies or give the possibility to change the lenght of showing a photo in Slideshow for less than 1 sec, so you can create a timelapse movie this way.


tkrave  2019-06-27 08:46:58 ( ID:t7rw5rdz3jm )  

You can reduce an image's duration to .04 seconds in Timeline mode. To do this, when adding a clip, select "From files" instead of "From pictures as a slideshow". This allows you to reduce the duration of the image to .04 seconds after it's imported.

If you have hundreds of images you want to apply this to, put them all in one layer using the "From files" option (just add them all at once), then select them all in the layer. Navigate to the last image and hover your mouse over the end so an arrow appears. Drag to the left to reduce the duration of all selected images. It seems to automatically go to .04 seconds for me.
There will be gaps between the images now, so right click on the layer number area and select "Close Gaps in This Layer".

Hope that helps!

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