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Question - "Error" in the output process No.71260
pablur  Mail /  )  2019-04-29 18:21:21 ( ID:xe1orwhaxtr )  

I've burn about 15 BD discs (25GB and 50GB) and I noticed that, although the disc has been burnt without problems, in some of the movies I've burnt there are missing frames every minute more or less. I mean, you can see a little jump in the movie. The original file doesn't have anything like that, you can see it perfectly. And of course I've adjust the frame bitrate before burning the disc, I check if the file is 23 fps or 25 fps etc and I adjust it in the program.

I wonder if the error could be that I was using other programs while burning the BD disc and in the output process. I always burn discs at mínimum speed to avoid problems but still there is something that sometimes goes wrong.

Anyone can help me? thanks in advance!

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